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2 thoughts on “Free Insert Refill

  1. Jenn

    hello, i am so excited I found your website, but I still need a little more help and I am going a little crazy trying to figure out how to make my own personal size refills for my filofax, customized for my own needs and allowing me to be creative. I am just confussed with what is the size for the personal size USA organizer, filofax says its 6.7 x 3.7? Also do you have any blank forms so i can make my own. Also how do I insert a clip art into that template???

    Please help I am going nut

    1. chris Post author

      Hi Jenn,
      No matter where you buy your Filofax Personal Size organizer in the world (in US or UK say), they take the same paper refill. All the Filofax Personal Size inserts here should fit.
      In regards to the question on blank form, quick answer is no because there is no such need.
      You can create a new custom paper size in your editor (like Microsoft Word or Open Office Write) and then you can put whatever you like in there.
      All the inserts here are created by .net application – part of the projects that I am working on.
      Anyway, not sure you have seen the fantastic Philofaxy site – it has lots of advices and free inserts of all sizes. It also provided Microsoft Word / Excel templates and advices on how to create your own inserts.
      In regards to the question on inserting clip art, not sure what exactly you try to do so cannot really advice.


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