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By | 14th January 2015

Below are a few pointers on insert refill printing based on my own experience.

Printer Driver

Printer driver is the interface software between applications such as Adobe Reader, Microsoft Word and printer. It is installed when printer is setup on your computer. For Windows computers, it can be found by right click the printer in “Devices and Printers”. Please consult your printer manual on how to configure printer driver.

The following may sounds obvious. All printers have at least one paper tray and have an extra manual feed path for odd paper size such as photo paper. To avoid printing frustration, make sure the correct default paper size is setup for paper tray in the printer driver on your computer.

The most common mistake is having Letter as default paper size (American default) in printer driver with A4 paper loaded into the printer (commonly used in European countries) and vice versa.  When trying to print a A4 document, you naturally select A4 paper in the printing dialogue. The printer driver will then complain because it “thinks” the paper tray is holding Letter size paper hence demands your attention.

Non Standard Paper Size

When printing non standard size insert refill, say Filofax Personal, Pocket size etc, there are two possible approaches:

  • Print document on A4 or letter size paper and then cut paper to size.
  • Cut paper to size and then print document.

The insert refill PDF files provided here is taking the second approach. If this approach does not suit you, Philofaxy has provided some printable diary files using the first approach.

Obviously, cutting paper to size before printing approach suit me better – currently, I have three personal organisers and they are all Filofax and in A4, A5 and Personal size. Cutting paper to size is not a major issue as my wife have a Fellowes Plasma A3 Guillotine for her craft work. Just find that when I try to get things done in a hurry, paper cutting seems to get in the way so I have moved away from that.

After saying that, there is one major advantage on printing before cutting if your printer support duplex printing – most of duplex printers on the market currently only support duplex printing on standard size paper such as A4 or Letter and etc. This approach speeds up the printing part of the overall process.

Paper Tray

Before printing non standard size document from manual feed paper path, I would normally pull the main paper tray out a bit. That would prevent any accidental printing to wrong paper. Anyway, do not forget to select the correct tray in the printing dialogue.

When printing more than a few pages, I use the main paper tray – the printer driver will need to be updated accordingly. The main paper tray can hold more paper to start and printer seems to be better at pulling paper from the main tray than the manual feed paper path.

Punch Hold

Philofaxy’s answer to reader’s question – Which Punch? – is the best starting point. There are many videos which show how to get the best result.

Useful Links

Philofaxy and My Life All in One Place always provides a lot of good advices and resources in all things on printing your own insert refill.


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